I could never know what the dead man sees..

it's horrible how badly i am procrastinating at the moment. i need to complete my college prepbook within the 3 hours between school and work, and yet i keep finding more entertaining things to do that homework.
My spring break was wonderful, i went to many thirft stores and vintage stores, played some beach volleyball, pigged out on junk food, and found time to work on the various art projects i start but never intend to finish..
one of them being the thrift store finds that needed some reconstruction.

I got this from buffalo exchange in dallas back in january. It's got these random, short blue horizontal stiches all over it, and i had to take it home. only thing was, it was floor length so i cut the lining off the bottom and made it shorter.

I got this one at the goodwill in Plano. it was a size 24. it was huge. and also floor length. now it's my favorite skirt. :) don't you love how flamboyant it is?

picked up these suede boots at buffulo exchange also. proably would of walked right past them if they werent so cheap. hehe

probably one of my best finds though was this wrap dress i found in a great shop in dallas called Gratitude Vintage. it's from the 70's and wonderfully whimsical.

then heres a compilation of various patterns of things i got. i still need to sew alot of them to make them wearable, and i hope to share my projects in the coming weeks!

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