Top 10 movies i want to see in 2009(in no particular order):

confessions of a shopaholic:
yes, i know. looks tacky right? i laughed histarically first time i saw the trailer. I don't think Isla Fisher gets the credit she deserves for her comedic skills, she was good in hot rod. anyway, I can really relate to the movie cause my dads been bugging me about how im not saving my money and i'm spending it all on clothes...

sunshine cleaning:
another one with Isla, and it also has the charming emily blunt in it. i think this movie looks..."heart-warming" as the generic phrase goes to say. a story about broke cleaning ladies is bland in theory, but it's of course one of those wonderful quirky comedies.

Technically an anti-superhero movie. where civilians in fact hate the superheros, then a long story about old, bitter, retired heros insues. I actually bought the grphic novel a year ago when i found out it was named the most epic graphic novel of all time or whatever, and only got halfway through it cause...if you didn't notice the plotline sounds pretty bad. so basically i'm just holding out to see if the story's any good.

miss march:
YES! This flick is the brain child of Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger, 2/5 of the Whitest Kids you know acting troup/sketch show on IFC. i know this because that show is hilarious, hence the movie will hopefully be as funny. i say hopefully because the premise of the movie is that whole roadtrip to get laid plotline that been done a million times..

i love you, man:
Paul Rudd doesn't have any friends, resulting in having no one to be his best man for his wedding, thus begins a series of man dates. or "bromances" as he calls them. the trailer is super funny, as are the actors in it, like Jason Segel, and Rashida Jones of the Office.

i like any marvel movie. end of story. well no, maybe except for Thor.

last house on the left:
about a group of teenagers who kill these two girls, and then the murderers take refuge in the girl's parents house. Then the parents know what they did i take revenge and stuff. i dont even know if i want to see this that bad. i might have been swayed by the dreamy colors in the trailer, and the beautiful rendition of "sweet child o' mine" by Taken by Trees playing in the background.

the brothers bloom:
a limited release movie, makes me nontheless excited to see it. i'm getting the feeling its a much more beautiful, witty version of oceans 11. i love racheal weisz's character. She collects hobbies, so her character is an expert at many random things (like breakdancing and ping-pong). i also love the fact that adrien brody is in the movie. i love adrien brody. i love everything about this movie and i havn't even seen it. watch the trailer!

the year one:
in this flim, jack black and michael cera are banned from their caveman tribe and have to fend for themselves. nothing more is given away but that description, but just thinking about wittle michael cera as a caveman is quite laughable.

harry potter:
yes. my guilty pleasure. can't believe it was going to come out last november, but then it had to get moved to 2009. D:

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